Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to rename a large number of files at once in windows?

If you have a large number of files with random names ( lets say images from different sources with random names) and want to rename them all systematically for some reason.
On Microsoft windows there a simple trick to do this.

Select all the files.
Right click on any file and select rename ( or press F2 for rename)
Then give a name like img(1).jpg
And you are done. This will rename all the selected files as img(1).jpg, img(2).jpg, img(3).jpg .......

Please note that this will work for all kinds of files and extensions, not just images ( I took jpgs just for an example to illustrate)


  1. It also works on linux in the K Desktop Environment (KDE)

  2. This great, thanks!

  3. It actually works with the dolphin file manager. So it will work even on gnome if you use dolphin.

  4. great solution. thank u so mch

  5. It is not useful incase I have pics of mobile phones with their model number and I want to just remove the name of the brand and keep the model number. For example File Name original -Nokia6600, want to change to - 6600. Then this is not possible in case of multiple files.

  6. nice bro
    its working

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